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Corporate Overview - The Clarks Group

Since 1992 The Clarks Group, a leader in professional recruiting has built a reputation distinguished by superior client service. The Clarks Group understands that delivering leadership capital is the leading source of competitive advantage. As our company has continued to grow and expand into markets, we have maintained our fundamental commitments – to high performance and unequaled industry knowledge.

People in the “People” business know . . .
We know where the person is you are looking for . . .

The Clarks Group executive search consultants work closely with our clients, knowing the precise qualifications and talent needed to ensure that an appropriate match for the position and culture of the company is made. Be assured our executive recruiters are actively involved from the beginning and throughout the entire process until a successful placement is made. Thus our firm has become well known as being “Fundamentally different…Measurably better…”

The Leader in Staffing and Recruitment

Good management is essential to the longevity and health of all companies. Excellent management is the key to success in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Your mission is to attract, hire, and retain top talent. This critical function determines the long-term success of your company. Choosing the right search firm is of equal importance, as you need one, which makes the entire recruitment process more effective, efficient, manageable and rewarding.

“Fundamentally Different…Measurably Better…”